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There were a lot of frustrations expressed in the Smash 4 community regarding event organisation over 2017 and into 2018. A lot of tournament organisers were scheduling conflicting events, sometimes causing several large tournaments to take place on the same weekend, which splits entrant numbers and Twitch viewership. That situation is what inspired

It's a PHP-based application that displays the event registration deadline and the event date on a calendar. Every 24 hours, it finds relevant tournament information from the API and stores it in a database for the calendar to use. It won't be a fix-all solution by any means, but the community needed something concrete to refer to, and I also think it's just pretty neat to look at when exactly stuff is taking place. Also it encourages events to make the page for their events as far in advance as possible, which is only beneficial for everyone involved.

It's taking as many events as the API currently allows me to pull, including those from the past. If something's not there, it's likely an issue on's end, not mine. Likewise, please bear in mind that if stuff like the length of events in days is wrong it's on the TO to fix their event details.


If you find bugs, have any suggestions, or just wanna ask some questions and chat, feel free to get in touch on email at